Stages 1-3

Laying the Foundations

National Plan

Stages 1-3

This is where the junior swimming lessons begin. Our aims throughout these stages are to establish water confidence, enabling children to feel comfortable and at ease in the pool. At Stages 1 and 2, in the little pool, we begin to give pupils an understanding of how to control their movements in the water, which encompasses movement above and below the water, in all directions, with and without aids. As well as swimming, this means walking, running, jumping, sitting up, lying down and changing position from the front to the back.

We believe that Stage 3 is where pupils lay the foundations for a successful career in swimming. For this reason we split the stage into two levels. In pod 1 the teacher is in the water and we focus on gaining confidence in the big pool and establishing correct body positioning in the water. In pod 2 the teacher is often on poolside and we focus on the beginnings of stroke technique, particularly over-arm actions in front and back crawl.

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