Stages 7-9

Developing Competitive Skills

Stages 7-9

Swimming lessons from this point are delivered in lanes and so pupils will often experience a big step up in the distance required per lesson. At Stage 7, we are focusing on extending the length of time for which pupils can maintain a good level of technical accuracy across all strokes. We achieve this through more high-level drills and practices which break the strokes down into individual parts.

Stage 8 marks the beginning of the competitive swimming program of the National Plan and so these lessons are delivered in conjunction with Peel Advanced Training Squad. This level introduces stamina and accuracy to a variety of skills useful for club level swimming. This includes kick only practices with and without a float, tumble turns, diving and swimming a distance of 400m set to a specific pace.

Stage 9 focuses on developing skills needed for competitive racing. This includes starts, turns and the transition to stroke from a dive. We also aim to increase stamina up to 800m whilst developing the finer points of all strokes.

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