Stages 4-6

Advancing Technique

Stages 4-6

Lessons from this point through to stage 6 are delivered across the width of the pool and so during Stage 4 we are primarily aiming to develop stamina in the pupils. Alongside this we begin to refine the kicking technique across all strokes, including breaststroke and dolphin.

At Stage 5 we aim to develop the arm action of all strokes. It is from this point onwards that we will be looking for a good level of precision in technique and so teachers will be working to refine the appearance and effectiveness of all strokes.

Stage 6 is the final stage before pupils move to lengths and so we are again focusing on increasing stamina. In addition, we aim to develop effective breathing and timing across all strokes. This includes rhythmical breathing to the side on front crawl, correct timing of breaststroke arm action and leg kick and rhythmical breathing on butterfly.

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