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Pre-School Lessons

At Western Swimming Pool, we have a wide range of pre-school lessons to help children of all ages take their first step into swimming and establish the very basics of good technique. All our pre-school classes have two teachers in the water at all times, enabling an increased level of contact for each child, creating a safe and stable environment.

The pre-pre school swimming classes are available to children 2 years before they go to school; these are the first lessons pupils attend without a parent. Lessons are focused through learning through play and there are lots of games and songs to keep children excited and engaged. Alongside this we aim to establish a good level of water confidence and teachers will generally be working to dispel any fear or nervousness around the water.

The pre-school lessons are available to children 1 year before they go to school. As this is the stage before pupils formally enter our junior swim scheme, lessons are often more focused on introducing technique, alongside further fun and games to build water confidence. This ensures that children enter the junior scheme with a good level of understanding of the style of our lessons, the practices we use, and the basis of what is required of them to swim effectively on their front and back. These classes should enable pupils to progress rapidly through the swim scheme and be well prepared for school swimming lessons.

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