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The Western Swimming Pool has one of the most varied learn-to-swim schemes for children on the Isle of Man. We offer a wide range of lessons designed to take children from 4 months old in the baby pool, right through to Island Squad level. Our adult and child and pre-school classes offer a great way to start the process, developing confidence and getting comfortable in the water. Our junior swim scheme broadly follows the National Plan and delivers an effective scheme of work to get the best out of all pupils. From this point, Peel Advanced Training Squad develops the skills and practices needed to begin club level training and take technical ability to the next level. We finish with Peel Swimming Club, our competitive club, in which inspirational coaches take ability to Island level and beyond. These can be supplemented at any stage with private and family lessons which give focused, one-to-one tuition to overcome any issues along the way.

Whatever your child’s aspirations in swimming; whether they just want to swim for fun, swim the Channel, compete in a triathlon or win Olympic gold, the WSP Junior Swim Scheme is a step in the right direction.

We also offer a range of services for adults including learn-to-swim classes and fitness coaching. Our adult teaching and coaching team is equipped to provide bespoke services to anyone wanting to improve their stroke; from the absolute novice to the budding triathlete.

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