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Family Lessons

Family lessons are a unique initiative developed by the teachers at Western Swimming Pool. Bring your child along to a one to one lesson and one of our experienced teachers will help you understand what they need to improve and how you can help them do that when you swim as a family. You will learn the tips and tricks teachers use to improve swimming and increase confidence, how you can prevent your child picking up bad habits and how to help them overcome their own personal hurdles in learning to swim. This is a great way to help children of any age progress through our swim school and come out a confident and happy swimmer.

Younger children can benefit from this service as there is no-one better than a trusted family member to help a them overcome nervousness around water and learn to swim through play.  Similarly, older children often become stuck on one stroke or skill and that can prevent them from progressing as quickly as they may like. Family lessons can be a great way to learn what they need to improve so you can practice more often than just their weekly lesson and help them overcome that hurdle. Although these lessons are usually most effective when focused on just one child, you are more than welcome to bring more than one adult along.

Lessons are to be arranged with a teacher of your choice, at a time and date to suit you, the cost is £20 for one child and up to 3 adults.

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