Western Swimming Pool

Public Swimming

Public Swimming

At Western Swimming Pool, we offer a public swimming service at various times throughout the week. Our early bird sessions start at 7AM, offering a great way to get some exercise done before work, we also have lunchtime swims and evening sessions; please see the opening times page for further details.

We often divide the pool, so there are some lanes and some free, so whether you want to do a couple of lengths to relax with friends and family or train over a more serious distance, we have the right environment for you. We have a range of equipment available for public use, from pull buoys and kick boards for training to watering cans and rubber ducks for children. We also have a range of training sets designed by one of our coaches, which aim to give swimmers a structure, and help them improve their strokes and stamina. There are a range of difficulties to suit all abilities so don't be afraid to give it a try!

We aim to make the pool an inclusive facility for everyone. If you have any special requirements, please make a member of staff aware and we will do all we can to assist you. We have an accessible changing facility, hoist for pool entry and a range of supportive equipment to help you get the best out of your swim. Similarly, we offer a womens-only session on a Thursday evening.

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