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Adult Teaching and Coaching

Adult Teaching and Coaching

All of our teachers are qualified to teach adults although the ones with particular interest and experience include Heather Melvin, Alison Cowin, Jill Bunyan and Lee Holland.

On the learn-to-swim side, Heather and Alison are our specialists. Even if you’ve never been in a pool before, they can take you from the absolute beginning. Before entering the water, your teacher will discuss with you your goals and existing experience, allowing them to create a bespoke training plan to help you achieve your aims at your own pace.

Jill and Lee form our adult coaching team. They specialise in developing the technical ability and stamina of those with existing swimming knowledge. Jill is a competitive open water swimmer herself and so takes a special interest in coaching adults who wish to try open water or even compete in an event or triathlon. Lee is the Isle of Man Swimming Association’s Head Coach and leads the Isle of Man Swimming Squad. He was a successful competitive swimmer himself and has been coaching professionally for 8 years.He leads private lessons which focus on development of a high level of technical accuracy as well as offering advice on long term athlete development.

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