Facilities and courses for disabilites

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We offer an excellent range of equipment and classes

the western swimming pool caters for individuals with disabilites.


At WSP we have a wide range of opportunities available to customers of any age, facing additional needs and challenges in their swimming.

All our teachers have the knowledge and skills to incorporate pupils with special needs into main stream lessons. However, we also have specially qualified teachers who are able to offer private lessons to children who would benefit more greatly from a one-to-one service. These lessons will enable children to progress to the best of their ability, in a way that suits them. We can even modify the requirements of the National Plan in order to ensure these pupils can progress through it at a reasonable rate, regardless of any restrictions they may have.

As an adult, we have a variety of opportunities available, ranging from discounted entry and extra support from our lifeguards through to private lessons with Heather or Kath, two of our most experienced teachers who also hold relevant, specialist qualifications. We can discuss with you your specific requirements and goals so as to design a bespoke plan which will enable you to progress at your own pace and achieve your aims. We have a wide range of facilities available for support including flotation aids for in the water, a specialist changing room including shower seat and a hoist to assist entry and exit from the pool. Should you wish for a carer to accompany you we will gladly accommodate this. Please do not hesitate to speak to one of our staff and we will endeavor to assist with whatever you require.

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