TT Swim Challenge 2015

The TT Challenge is unique to Western Swimming Pool and was developed right here by our staff. The aim is to swim the equivalent distance of the Isle of Man TT course, 37.5 miles or 2416 lengths, in a period of about 4 months, from January to Easter. TT swimmers gain discounted entry to WSP but you can complete the distance at any pool across the world. There is a small entry fee of £15 which includes, a specially designed log book to keep track of your progress and a ticket to the presentation ceremony when the challenge is complete. The remaider of the entry fees is given to a local charity which has previously included the Amublance First Responders and Peel RNLI. This is an annual event which, we are pleased to see, has rapidly gained in popularity since its beginning. In the first year alone the combined distance of all our swimmers was 2214miles or 142,544 lengths and we are excited to see how many miles we can cover next time!


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